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Kind Words About Ephemera:

“Anderson is on his way to becoming the next leader of dystopian fiction. ” – Twistingthelens

“Anderson proves himself a true wordsmith in this breakout dystopian novel, offering a world filled with vivid detail, beautiful word choice, and well-defined characters.” – Cerebral Writer

“Surreal is a good description of the twists and turns in this thriller, based on conspiracy after conspiracy, technology and consumerism run amok. The hunt is on when someone leaves a note in Cab’s office declaring: “Find him! He knows where they are.” – Newark Star-Ledger

“Ephemera is a fine read with plenty of twists and turns, very highly recommended.” – Midwest Book Review

“Anderson has the most vivid imagination I have ever come across in a futuristic novel and he left me in awe throughout this book. Ephemera is a fresh and invigorating narrative that at times can be quite scary when envisioned.” – Autumn Blues Reviews

“A fine first novel, rich in political ideas, leavened with dark humor. ” – Brothers Judd Blog

“Anderson has crafted a winning novel outside of the mainstream publishing industry and presumably with limited professional assistance. Compared to the average self-published effort, Ephemera is a solid novel that won’t disappoint the reader.” – Enter Stage Right

“Anderson’s vision is bleak and incredibly well drawn and part of the journey here is just hanging on and seeing what he throws at us next…Part of the delight of Ephemera is Anderson’s rich imagination, well-shared. Ephemera is darkly dystopic and the truth Nester must search for is illusive and always just out of his grasp, but Anderson’s clear voice makes a challenging journey worthwhile.” – January Magazine

“Jeffery M. Anderson does an excellent job of bringing home the idea that we need to be more aware of technology’s impact on us as human beings. His writing style grabs the reader and pulls him or her in with an engrossing plot and characters that range from charming to terrifying. Reminiscent of the works of Christopher Buckley, Ephemera brought me on a journey I hope to only read about, and never have it become reality.” – Bonnie Lamer (author)

“Anderson is particularly adept at character description and the dialogue rings true…Your interest will be grabbed from the beginning to the end of this novel.” – Bookviews

“From the dark humour to the quirky characters this is a book worth reading.” – Celtic Frog Reviews

“…Ephemera is a workmanlike dystopian set piece that finds a credible basis in modern America…an entertaining read…” – Blog Critics

“The story takes some strange twists and turns, and it’s very surreal at many times, but it was definitely interesting and unique.” – Pretty Opinionated.com

“Reminding me of Blade Runner and Kurt Vonnegut’s Player Piano: A Novel, the sophisticated literary voice and postmodern antihero require more of the reader. This is the gritty, dark, unpleasant side of life…” – Wordsmithpages

“Ever since I read it, I keep thinking, could something like that really happen? It’s strange to watch the news now because I keep wondering what’s really behind the stories we are shown. You made me paranoid!” – A stay at home mom I know

“I really enjoyed it. Your dad will get around to reading it when fishing season is over.” – My mom